Saturday, April 30, 2011

what a week....

This week has been one full of surprises!
This week has been full of news for's what I've been up to:

Monday:  I skyped my friend, Brittney, even though we live in the same town.  It was a very important conversation however, because we decided we are going to go see Dierk's Bentley on June 8th in Nashville.  He is having an exclusive concert for his Congress members, which I happen to be one of!  So, in just over a month I get to meet Dierk's Bentley---kinda ecstatic!!

Jealous?  I think you are...

Tuesday:  I attended our last sorority chapter of the semester.  It was senior chapter so all of the girl's graduating gave advice to we who get to hang around Auburn for a little while longer.  Can't believe that will be me next year.

Wednesday:  In shock, horror, and disbelief, I watched one of the worst tornado systems in American history rip apart my home state, Alabama. The twister tore through Tuscaloosa and then Birmingham, and did not spare any of the places in between.  Watching the entire thing on live television was surreal;  I cannot imagine actually being in the midst of the rubble right now.  No one that I know was even injured in the storms.  How blessed and fortunate am I be to have safe friends?!  If you would like to donate to Red Cross relief efforts, I promise you it is needed more than you realize.  Here's the link to donate:  Please keep Alabama in your prayers.

Thursday:  Cam got drafted first!  War Damn!

Hopefully he will turn things around for the panthers?  

Friday:  I'm sure all of you can guess exactly what I am about to post as the highlight of today...and you're right!!

The couple is so in love and they look beautiful together!  It was such a joy to start my day off on such a happy note with the wedding this morning!

I am absolutely in love with her gown!  I know everyone is, but I have truly always wanted a gown of this style.  Here are a couple of pictures I've found in the past and saved for ideas for my special day day...maybe

My favorite  

I like this look too though.

Well, I also have a recipe for you today!  Just in case this post wasn't long enough for you.  Hopefully you'll read on for a yummy snack!  

Peanut Butter and Oat Energy Bites


3/4 c rolled oats
1/4 c unsalted sunflower seeds
1/2 c dry cranberries
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 c peanut butter
1 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp vanilla

Simply combine all ingredients, roll the dough into bite size balls, and refrigerate!  The "dough" is a bit frustrating to begin with, but just keep working with it until you get the consistency right.  If yours seems a bit dry, add some more peanut butter and/or honey.  If it is too moist add some extra oats and sunflower seeds.

How cute are my roomies' heart shaped measuring cups?!!  We bake with lots of love...literally!

mm peanut butter.  the best part.  you can use crunchy or creamy-whichever you prefer. 
 I'm a crunchy kind of gal though

These make for the perfect mid afternoon snack when those hunger pains strike.  A good mix of sweet and salty, plus a healthy boost of protein to get you through the afternoon!

I can;t wait to enjoy one of these tomorrow afternoon while I am on study break.  Oh yea, did I mention I have finals next week.  ahhhhh...wish me luck!

my study station....

aren't you interested in how iron is absorbed into the enterocyte?

ok, well if you've made it through this whole post, props to you.  Hope you're weekend is a great one.  Mine will be spent at my desk...with an afternoon trip to the fridge for an energy boost!  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scott Family Easter

What a beautiful and BLESSED weekend I had!  I got to spend it surrounded by my family, including my grandparents, and aunt and uncle, and precious cousins!  From egg hunts, to a shrimp boil, to looking at our potential new house (eek!), it was a weekend full of excitement and joy.  But, most importantly it was full of Christ and remembering that indeed I do serve and live for a risen God--Hallelujah!  ( Matthew 28: 1-10;  Mark 16: 1-20) Unfortunately, my camera died after the last egg hunt on Saturday, so I am having to wait to upload photos of the fam from Easter Sunday.  But, they will be coming soon.  They turned out so well, they just might make the  Christmas card this year!  But, here are a few from the egg hunt at church, and later Saturday at home home when the boys came to visit.  Enjoy!!

My cousin, Jackson, would have easily won the most eggs found award!  
He hit the jackpot in this bushes you see there!

HIs basket before the jackpot!

Oh how I wish I could zoom on his face in this picture.  Priceless!

My youngest sister, Maire, racing for an egg!

Maire and her sweet friend Amelia stopped for a quick photo opp

They were so cute walking on that sidewalk together.  I wish I could have captured the frame with just the two of them, but it was so crowded I never got the perfect shot.  What cuties though?!!

This is Maire and Jackson hunting eggs at our house Saturday evening.  I thought this was too funny  :)

I was pretty pleased wit this one.  I think it captures the true beauty of Earth and fresh, young, Spring life! 

This one too!  Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers

This was the view from my front porch on saturday evening just before sunset.  
I sure will miss the peace of the country when my family moves into town....

Back to more egg hunting, these were all of our participants.  Harrison loved the car and cried when we tried 
to take him out, so we had the others pose around him.  Gosh I love all these kids!

Is he not an angel.  That white skin and carrot topped head.  I just want to love on him all day long.  Unfortunately, he's old enough already to not want to be babied anymore.  He is so independent and strong.  I'm interested to see what he's like when he grows-up. Bt for now, how can you not just love those legs  :)

Well, like I mentioned previously, check back for the entire Scott family photo soon!!  But, keep reading for a quick and delicious dinner!

One of my best friends, Brittany, came over tonight and we cooked pizzas for dinner.  I have been craving pizza for so long, so these really hit the spot!  We bought all of the ingredients at Publix and just threw them together for a really quick and simple meal.  We bought the Publix pizza dough--superb by the way-- and split the dough so we could make two small pizzas.  One was classic with Ragu pizza sauce, pepperonis, and mozzarella layered high.  On the second, we opted for something a little different, inspired by Olive Garden...Chicken Alfredo pizza (if you have never tried this menu choice, I promise you won't be disappointed.  I definitely recommend it).  We bought alfredo sauce, pre-cooked chicken beast strips, and topped that pizza with mozzarella as well.  Throw them in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes and bam!  Delicious pizza that's more fun, and affordable than take out  :) 

Well, hope this lengthy post didn't bore you to tears.  Just wanted to share my Easter holiday with you in hopes that it brings you a little bit of the joy that it brought to me.  

Peace ya'll

Thursday, April 21, 2011

what a week...

Gosh what a week it has been here in beautiful Auburn!  I can hardly make myself go to class for wanting to sit outside and soak up the sun and gaze at the beautiful flowers in full bloom all over campus.  It is indescribably stunning!!  Now that we Auburn Tigers are the National Champions, I think all of you should want to visit this place even more, and I have become even more convinced that there really is no other place like it.  I promise you're missing out if you have never been for a visit  :)

Well, due to 2 presentations and a test all on Tuesday/Wednesday, tonight was the first time I have even had a chance to think about getting in the kitchen to whip something up.  However, I did make it in there tonight, and I did manage to create these super cute Easter sweets.  Check 'em out!!

These were sooo easy and look so cute for the holiday, don't ya think?!!  All you need is:
  • 12 oz. butterscotch chips
  • 12 oz. bag chow mein noodles
  • one bag of Hershey's chocolate Easter egg candies

Simply melt the butterscotch and stir in the noodles.  ONna sheet of aluminum foil, place a spoonful of the mixture and place eggs on top in a cluster.  Let them set for about 10-20 minutes and ENJOY!

Precious bird's nest cookies!  
I just think these are so festive and I can't wait to take them home to share with my family during this beautiful holiday season!!

In other news, I recently got accepted into an honor society on campus.  My sorority recognized each of us--we had 5!- with a rose in chapter on Tuesday.  I have really enjoyed the element it has added to my room this week.  Here's a quick peek....

And, last but not least, I thought I would share with you what is playing outside of my window at this very moment.  There is an apartment complex to the back left of my house notably named, The Compound.  For some reason, the people who occupy that place love to hire bands on week nights and have what they call "Liive Music Parties" (creative right?)  Needless to say, you could hardly call them bands.  Here's a short clip of the first number....

Well, I hope that didn't hurt your ears too much.  Just thought it would make for a good laugh because that sure is all I am getting out of it...maybe act 2 will be better??!!  happy almost Friday  :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Banana Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Bars

Well, this weekend has been one of relaxation that's for sure.  It's been so relaxing that I have actually been driven to a point past boredom (if that's possible).  Yesterday, I went for an early morning run, switched out my winter clothes for summer ones (yayyy!!), and then studied until mi familia arrived for an afternoon in Auburn.  We walked around campus and then attended the Delta Zeta tailgate where we stuffed ourselves so full of Mike and Eds's BBQ, caesar salad, fruit, and cookies that we opted for the long walk home so we could all breathe again.

My sweet sisters and me in front of the poisoned Toomer Oak  :(  Maybe we gave it enough much needed love to pull through?!

  I feel lucky to have seen my family for 2 weekends in a row now and am ecstatic to see them next weekend as well!  They're great!  Well, once the fam departed I was home alone so I decided to go for another run, around campus this time, and then I decided I needed to bake--of course.  What better way is there to spend a Saturday evening than in the kitchen right??!!  Well, I found this great recipe from one of my all time FAVORITE blogs and decided to give it a whirl.      

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars:

  • one banana
  • 1/3 cup canola oil
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla flavoring
  • 2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 2/3 cups chocolate chips
  • 2/3 cup banana chips

This recipe was so simple and absolutely finger-lickin' good!  Pre-heat your oven to 350.  Mash the banana in a small bowl and add the brown sugar and canola oil.  In another bowl, mix the next 6 ingredients and then combine the wet and dry ingredients.  The batter will be a bit dry and sticky, but just keep mixing until all of the ingredients are well blended.  Then fold in the chocolate chips and banana chips.  Pour into a greased 8 inch pan and bake 20-25 minutes.  BOOM, you have the best sweet/salty snack.  Hope you enjoy as much as I and my roomies have  :)

I am obsessed with the way brown sugar stays compact.  just a thing I have I guess...

Not the best plating obviously, but I had hungry friends anxiously awaiting so I was a bit rushed...

sooo tasty

Also, I can't publish this post without recognizing this great and beautiful Palm Sunday.  May we all take the time to remember and reflect on the sacrifices of our Lord and Savior this special week and every week.  I hope that you have all been spoken to and have been changed for the better this Lenten season.  We are so blessed and take for granted the gift of life we have been graciously given.  I hope that you will remember to celebrate this week and live every day giving all the Glory of the Risen One.  

Matthew 21:1-11

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, once again I have taken a week to get back to the blog world.  But, at least I'm back?!  I have been pretty busy these last few days.  I had two big tests on Friday, and I finally got to go home--home home-- for the first time since Spring Break (i.e. in 4 weeks) for this past weekend.  It was wonderful!  I have missed my family so much and I needed a break from life here in Auburn for a few days.  Tuesday night I finally got to perform in Greek Sing, which is the dance competition I have been practicing for since February.  We didn't place in the Top 4, but I had a blast and am very glad I did it, even though I complained of every practice beforehand.  Check out our dance at this link!!:

Also on Tuesday, I had a chance to do some more baking  :)  FINALLY!  Althought his recipe I am sharing today is not necessarily healthy, it sure does make delicious treats and great snacks!  It seems that many of my friends were having rough/busy weeks as well so I made cute goodie bags and filled each with an encouraging note and 3 delicious turtles!  They are so simple to make and look great!

Once again, here is a sign of my blogging inadequacy. I forgot to take a picture of all of the ingredients to start with.  But, all you need is

  • about 60 pecan halves
  • 7 oz. of caramel (I used the round pieces already opened for you--easily found on any baking aisle)
  • 4 oz. semi-sweet Baker's chocolate
  • 3 oz. butter
First, preheat the oven to 350, and then roast the pecans for 10 minutes, turning halfway through.  Place the pecans on a paper towel away from the heat and allow them to cool completely.  

Next, the carmel and 2 oz. of butter need to melt.  Leave them in a saucepan, not unattended, until bubbly.

While the caramel has melted, arrange the pecans in clusters of 5 or so on a baking sheet covered in aluminum foil (or wax paper).  Grease the foil with a little bit of butter.

Once the caramel has melted entirely and is bubbling slightly, drizzle a small spoonful on top of each pecan cluster.  Once all of the clusters have caramel, freeze the tray for 30 minutes or until caramel is hard.  Once the caramel has hardened, melt the chocolate squares and 1 oz. of butter in a microwave safe bowl (about 1 min. on high).  Once the chocolate has melted, it will still be somewhat thick.  Just dollop the chocolate on top of the caramel in a circular shape and smooth it with the back of your spoon.

Let them sit for about 20 minutes (I put mine back in the freezer to speed things up) and then they are ready!  So easy, cute, and YUMMY!

My roommate and I got crafty with our extra caramel and pecans........


Well, I hope you will give these turtles a try!  I know they brightened my friends' days yesterday and hopefully you and yours can find some joy in them too.  And that is the true reason I love baking so much. Enjoy!