Tuesday, October 9, 2012

life...it's happening

hey there guys, gals, and anyone else who just might read this.  it has been a while, huh?  seems to be a recurring theme lately--sorry!  lots has happened since my "july" post.  i have moved to northwest georgia and begun my first job.  things are going great other than living alone.  still don't think it's made for me.  but i shouldn't complain.  i have made many friends here in chickamauga, ga and am so blessed with thoughtful, helpful, and kind-hearted co workers.  i have also been lucky enough to have alot of fun weekend trips back home and to auburn since ive been here.  and you may or may not remember a certain little race i mentioned here on this very blog back in, oh may i believe it was--hang tight and ill update ya on that.  but first:      

this is a view i got to enjoy for my first three weeks in ga when i had to travel for training.  breathtaking.

people here in chickamauga are very serious about their traffic signs.  very serious.

people here in chickamauga also seem to have the need for a backyard safari.  thankfully my great friend, kathryn, helped me return these little guys back to their natural habitat......

you sir belong in the dump!

kat invited me to the first auburn game of the season.  it was in the georgia dome.  wde.  
the group was kat, kats bf matt, matts cousin graham, and me.

me and katttt

i celebrated my 22nd birthday at home with the best family i know of  :)

ashton and sweet harrison

the birthday girls!  (haha it's the best shot I had?)

harrison is thinking realllllly hard.......

about where to stick his little finger in the cake!!  

my new bose.  thanks mom!

these next few pics are of my new office!  the sweet ladies i work with had these posters to help cover the walls until i could find some decor of my own.  blessed am i.

where the official business takes place.

where my vip clients chillax.

i finally was reunited with my girlies for a weekend in auburn.  love you people.

annnnnd omg, look what was waiting on me when i got home.  best mail everrrrrr

and just because he deserves another pic, and just because i get to see him in 24 days.  i will allow you the pleasure of viewing this beauty.  but watch out, hes taken.  ahem.

and now, the moment you have all been waiting for.  i fly to san francisco on friday!!!!!!  omg i am so excited/nervous/overwhelmed/dont know what to do.  i am going to stay with the coolest swedish kid i know, ullli.  she just so happens to be studying in san fran this semester!  we will hang on friday night and all day saturday, i will run a marathon sunday morning (ahhhhhhh), and then we will hang sunday afternoon and monday morning.  i will fly home monday afternoon and return to the grind on tuesday.  i know it will be an exhausting trip, but i am going to make the best of it.  i mean ulli, san francisco, and a kiss from a fireman all in one weekend?  it can't be that bad.

'til next time, 
over and out.