About Me

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting me here at I Just Want to Bake! 

I started this blog about a year and a half ago after hearing a presentation about food writing/blogging as a career in one of my undergraduate classes.  I have since let the blog slip up a bit.  Not due to an excess of activities in my schedule, but rather a lack of initiative on my part.  Kind of embarrassing to admit that-ha!  I am now an Auburn alumni and am gainfully employed as a WIC nutritionist in the greater Chattanooga area.  While my inner South Alabama girl thought this winter was dreadful, I am loving the beauty of this place even so!

I hope that this blog will portray some insight into the daily life of a nutritionist and encourage me to step out of my comfort zone on some things.  I will try new foods for you, try to create new foods to share with you, share my workouts/exercise plans so you might try them too, and I will do my best to keep you entertained with my horridly uneventful yet spontaneously fun life.

                                                      My wish is that this blog will be an inspiration to you for all things             
                                                      culinary and exercisey, and will also serve as an outlet for me to share 
                                                      my experiences about each with you! 

Happy days always,
Renee  J