Saturday, August 6, 2011

one family to the next

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures of my hew home!  My family is having a major yard sale (yes! we actually cleaned out a TON of junk!!) as I type this.  Unfortunately, I am not there to help.  Instead, I am in Auburn preparing for recruitment 2011.  While it is very exciting to be back in Auburn and reunited with my roommates and friends, part of me wishes I was still at home to help with the final weekend of moving.  They will officially be moved by tonight!!  They are all so excited and Theresa keeps sending me picture messages as the rooms become complete. 

Well, I suppose lingering on the topic isn't going to do me any good.  Let's see, what have I been doing since my arrival back to Auburn?  Of course, I have made a Kroger visit.  I am on the extreme college kid budget this semester so I bought only the essentials for about a month-ish.  Granola bars for breakfast, turkey and swiss sandwiches for lunch, apples and Luna bars for snack, corn dogs for dinner, and ice cream for dessert--of course!  I realized as I was doing my shopping that I will probably not be able to buy too many extra groceries for recipe making  :(  BUT, I am not giving up cooking completely.  I love to cook and bake and feel like splurging every once in awhile will be acceptable.  And when I do, I will definitely share it with you!   

The rest of my time has been devoted to sorority life these past few days, and will be for the next 8 as well.  Recruitment definitely makes for a long week and a half, but it is all so rewarding when the new pledge class finally arrives.  We are all so excited for our new baby turtles  :)  We took some pictures last night on Samford Lawn (for those of you unfamiliar with Auburn, it is the most tradition filled place on campus, and the most beautiful!).  It was soo hot in the 100 degree heat with our white shirts and JEANS on!  I thought I might have melted completely, but of course I managed to make it out alive.  Here is a picture of my family!   

We also took some pink house roomie pictures.  Hopefully some of them turn out decent enough to decorate our house with! 

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