Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First Blog Post Ever!

Hi there!

Well, I have been following a couple of blogs lately and have been inspired to dedicate my time to starting my own!  I am really excited and honestly a little bit nervous.  I have really high expectations and hope to hold myself accountable as far as posts go.  I want this blog to be a reflection of my days full of class, studying, Jesus, dance practice, volunteering, gardening, running, and of course-cooking and eating nutritious meals!

I am a junior at Auburn University this year and live in the most adorable house in Auburn (but I could be slightly biased).  I have 5 of the best roommates anyone could ask for!  We are all so different yet so alike.  We like to have a good time, but we are not crazy to the point of annoying one another, we all take our academics very seriously, and we all motivate each other spiritually and emotionally.  I am truly blessed to have their continuous support in every aspect of my life!   I am studying Nutrition and  am loving every minute of it.  Although right now I am suffering from severe junioritis-if that exists.  I am so ready for relaxing hot summer days by the pool, random weekend trips to the beach with my sisters, beautiful blooming flowers, and of course--NO SCHOOL!  Even though I am taking summer classes, 6 hours of freshman core classes will be a relief after this 18 hour spring semester.

Well, that is enough about me for now.  I will give you more details as I post.  You will quickly learn the priorities in my life her in beautiful Auburn.  'til then, hope you have a blessed one  :)

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