Monday, March 28, 2011

the small things...

What a day!  This was one of the slower Monday's I have experienced in a while.  One of my New Year resolutions was to be an early bird, which I pretty much am anyways.  But, I have been waking up at 5:30 a.m. and having ample time for showering, actually getting ready for class (which was another goal), watching the news, and having a little bit of quiet time.  It is really refreshing and I suggest trying it out!  I know 5:30 sounds ridiculous, but it makes the day much more enjoyable if you have a fresh start.

Well, as I was thinking to myself about how nasty of a day it was here in Auburn and mumbling to myself about how I just wanted to lay in bed all day, I was reminded just how much I should appreciate my abilities to be "out and about" everyday.  Even on this grossest of days, I was able to experience life in a simple and beautiful and perfect way.  I walked home to notice tiny green sprouts in the flower bed in my front yard where I-just last weekend,-planted poppy seeds, dahlia seeds, and one other seed I forgot the name of-sorry.

Aren't they precious!  I absolutely cannot wait until they bloom soon  :)

             I was even more elated to see that my lantana from last year didn't freeze this winter and are going to be back for the spring and summer again!!

My hydrangeas are coming back too!!

Needless to say, I had plenty of proof that even on these rainy days, life is abundant and beauty will soon return.  I am truly thankful for flowers and the simple reminders they can be to each of us daily!

I am having big dreams for this blog, so I am trying to pace myself and accomplish each small goal at a time.  Some things to look forward to in the near future are:  my first health fair experience(eek!), pictures of some headbands I have been working on, and a few other things.  Hope you've had a great one!

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