Monday, July 25, 2011

New House!

My family (rather my parents I should say) recently purchased a new home!  That's right, the Scotts are moving to town!  We closed on the house on June 30th and have been working almost every day since then on fixing things up.  We have now re-painted every room in the house, minus the kitchen, installed new bathroom fixtures and fixed the faulty plumbing, cleaned up the backyard, and deep cleaned the entire inside of the house.  Yes, it has taken us almost 4 weeks just to do that much (for those of you who don't know my family, we are a pretty slow moving group of people haha).  Nevertheless, the house does look much much better with some fresh paint on the walls and a little TLC.  We are hoping to be moved in by this weekend--keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Here are a few pictures from our work, Theresa and I are going to the house today to unload some more stuff and I plan to take some more pictures to share with you. 

Mama and Ashton hard at work priming her room.  Check back for the color she chose  :)

Maire's room!  It is called cotton candy pink and it is adorable!

This is the view from the front porch
 Hopefully those few pictures have you interested enough to check back for the progress we have made since the first of the month!  Looking back, we really have done quite a bit  :)

My Dad's birthday was this past Tuesday.  Theresa and Ashton were gone to Tennessee with our church youth group for a mission trip, so Maire and I made him a cake!  We worked pretty hard on it and it was quite delicious (a.k.a. it was a yellow box cake haha).  Still, it turned out pretty well for my level of artistic skill, I think. 

Can you tell what the design is?  Maire had to tell my dad before he realized what it was haha
In other news last week, I got my hair cut.  And not just any old trim, I got 7 inches chopped right off!  It was quite scary but my hair definitely needed it.  I wasn't to sure about it at first, but now I love it!

Check back for more house updates....and a recipe soon I promise!


  1. AAAhhhh Nae it looks awesome! I love love the plantation shutters they are beautiful! I also love the new doo it looks so good! I think Maire's room is the same color as Kristyn's. (did Maire like the shoes we picked out for her?)

  2. Ohh and tell Mr. Doug I said happy birthday!