Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy Bee

Did you think I had given up my blog completely?  If so I unserstand and I apologize to the three of you who actually keep up with my page  :)  This is going to be a words only post, but hopefully you can find it somewhat interesting!

I have been busy taking two classes at the community college here in my hometown.  The first one began in May and is an on-line course, so it really isn't too time consuming; I just have to complete an on-line homework assignment and a quiz each week.  Well, the second class I am taking is a "go to class every day" kind of deal, which I was not expecting.  It wasn't supposed to be much of a time commitment, but it has really been alot to juggle the work for both classes.  In addition, I am also trying to study for the GRE.  I am taking it next Friday and am kindof starting to freak out.  Hopefully it will be a success! I have also been babysitting two precious girls at least twice a week, trying to keep up with friends, helping Daddy with a few of his home office tasks, and taking care of my youngest sister for my mom.  I honestly just haven't even had a chance to think about cooking, nevertheless actually get in the kitchen. 

BUT, what has really been consuming all of my time and efforts is our family's new home!  We are moving out of the country and into town!  May I remind you that town consists of +/- 10,000 people haha.  But, needless to say it is a big deal for my family-we have never lived inside any kind of city limit since I have been born.  My parents found a house in a great neighborhood for a great price and just couldn't say no.  We are all so excited!  Of course, I will never really live there since I have already left home for school, but I am still excited for my parents and sisters.  We are gaining almost 2,000 sq. ft. meaning they will be much more comfortable, and the girls will finally get to have their own bedrooms.  As always though, an older home (it was built in the early '80s) comes with some challenges.  We have been re-painting the entire inside of the house, scrubbing the kitchen cabinets from top to bottom, inside and out, getting the yard back in decent shape, and all the while we are having to wait for the plumber, electrician, and handy-man to "do their thing".  It is definitely a slow work in progress, but I think we should be able to make the big move by next weekend.  Be praying for us that it will happen soon, please!

Well, I hope this wasn't too much of a bore.  I am going to try extra hard to get in the kitchen sometime very soon so that I can share a tasty summer recipe with you! 

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