Monday, August 6, 2012


hello there!  I last updated you about this summer's happenings and made it through June.  If you are interested enough in my life, you may continue on reading.  

July began with a bang!  The city had a gathering with parade that morning.  The children decorate their bikes, wagons, etc. and ride around the block.  Ashton helped Maire decorate hers this year.

Maire and friend Claire celebratin'

We had a wonderful Fourth and celebrated my cousin, Jackson's, 5th birthday that day! 

The kids!  Birthday boy is there in the center!

I can not believe he is 5!  I feel sooooo old    

 Later that night we headed downtown to watch the city fireworks show.  It was one of the better shows in quite some time!  We watched from Confederate Park and had a perfect view of the fireworks lighting up City Hall!

I made a divine dessert for the occasion as well!  I will feature it next time (you may recognize it from the cover of July's Southern Living).  Be sure to look out for it.  Omg.

That very next Saturday, one of my very best friends since high school got MARRIED!  I still can't believe it, but the day was beautiful and perfect and I was so happy to be a part of her big day!

Look at that bride!

Checking out the guests.  I do believe Brit's words here were, "oh, thats gotta be a county 24 tag.  Yep, good ol' Crenshaw county folks".

Guess who caught the bouquet?!  Look out for my wedding post.......

Bridesmaids.  Doing our squats the best way we know how

The whole shebang.  How fun!!

The weekend after the wedding, I road-tripped to Charleston with my friends from Auburn.  We went to visit our friend Margaret who just began PT school at MUSC.  We decided she needed us to pay a visit  :)  We had a great time!  We took a carriage ride downtown and learned some cool history, we ate some delish food, made it to the beach, saw some night life, and even found some good geocaches.  Fun times with great people!!

I sorta failed at taking pictures-who woulda ever guessed?!  But here's one from Allison.  This was at Folly Beach which appeared to be quite the hangout!

Doug had a birthday the following Thursday so we helped him celebrate with signs, cards, gifts, and cheesecake! And, for those of you that know Doug, you know that he couldn't have been more thrilled to share his big day with the last night of Vacation Bible School!

Someone couldn't wait to cut the cake!  Half of it was gone when I came home to light the candles!!  

Finest picture I ever did see....

To end the month, we had a celebration/good-bye dinner for our friend Delia.  Delia is from Romania but goes to school in Montgomery at AUM.  She played tennis there and we were lucky enough to have her drive down on the weekends and teach us lessons.  She has been coming since I was a junior (so for about 7 years now).  She is moving to North Carolina for grad school.  We will surely miss her!

Well, that's about a wrap for July!  I have already had an eventful August so I'll catch you up to speed soon. Hope to do some foodie posts soon.  Over and out.


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