Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well, I have successfully failed after only two blog posts in one week.  However, in my defense, this week has been quite the busy one!  On Tuesday and Wednesday I had class and then I worked at a health fair each afternoon.  They were not very exciting for most of the people involved, but this was my first hands on experience in the dietetics world and I LOVED IT!!!  It was very exciting and reassuring  J

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this or not, but my house has been getting a kitchen makeover!  This was desperately needed and ended up being a rather quick process.  It only took 3 weeks exactly to totally demolish the old kitchen and replace the emptiness with beautiful dark wood cabinets, sandy tile floors, sheetrock (and not 1920’s plaster) for the walls, and light fixtures that work.  We are all so excited to finally have it functional again!  I will post pictures of the whole process soon!  Anyways, currently there is a bridal shower in my living room so needless to say, we have all been busy bees yesterday afternoon/night and this morning trying to help Kathryn (one of the roomies) get the place back in order for the guests.  I haven’t gotten a good look down there, but from what I have seen it looks to be running smoothly

The most important thing I wanted to tell you is that my roommate and I ran in what we thought was a 5K MudRun this morning.  It is the ROTC’s philanthropy event, so we thought we’d give it a whirl.  We went in thinking we would be a little bit muddy when we finished.  Little did we know that the course was actually a 4.2 mile long trek full of bear crawls in quicksand like mud, there were over-unders, and we also had to run through the woods, do tire courses, hike through a creek (actually like 4 of those).  We were definitely more exhausted, filthy, and proud of ourselves than we ever imagined we would have been!  It took us about an hour and ten or so minutes to complete this grueling course.  But, it was totally worth it!  Check out the before and after pics…..

We were really anxious and nervous at this point.  But still clean!

This is what diving into mud puddles face first does to you...but it was totally worth it!

Well, that is all for now but I promise I will be back soon with an exciting new post.peace and blessings ya'll

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