Monday, June 13, 2011

I Want to be a Beach Bum.....Forever

Well, I have made it back from paradise and back to reality.  I could have stayed in Destin,FL, at least another week but unfortunately didn't have the option  :(  I have never been to the beach and experienced better weather or clearer waters.  I didn't pour sweat while attempting to bronze myself which meant I didn't have sand sticking to me which meant I was a happy camper! I also didn't have to try and dodge seaweed, or worse-jellies-, while floating in the bright blue/green crystal clear ocean.  It was honestly the most beautiful beach trip I have ever taken.  It was made all the better because I got to see my grandparents too!  My mom is from Oklahoma and my grandparents and her entire family live there so it is a treat to get to see them.  We usually only see them about once or twice a year.  We are all hoping that we can go visit for Christmas or Thanksgiving this year.  But, back to the beach trip.  In addition to the lovely waters, we also had a splendid view from the balcony of our condo.  We have stayed in the same condo for 3 years now because the location is absolutely perfect and the views are unbeatable!  Here are some pictures from one of the best vacations I've ever had!

Searching for "sheashells"

Our condo

If you look reeaaaaallly hard next to the American flag, you can see my grandparents enjoying some peace and quiet.  

Theresa built at least 3 sandcastles during our trip

What's the beach without putt putt?!

It was even more perfect in person

My sweet sweet sister

plus the other two


We ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise after a day at the outlet mall.  A perfect end to the perfect vacation!

Oh, did I mention that we got to go parasailing!!!  It was so incredible!  I had been once before with Theresa, and my cousin, Sarah, but this was round 1 for my mom and Ashton.  If you have never been, I highly encourage it!  For 10ish minutes you get to float 1200 feet up in the air and marvel at the beauty of sea and land.  It really made me think about how awesome our God is and how His creation is so perfect and breathtaking.  You really should try it if you haven't!

Ashton and I about to be dunked in the ocean on the way down

Mom and Theresa almost back to the boat

1200 feet high off the boat I was sitting on

The End!
I hope you and your family get to enjoy some time together this summer  :)

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