Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 reasons as to why I haven't blogged this week.....

Once again, I have failed to make blogging a priority this past week.  But, just in case you are interested, here's a look at what's been distracting me: 

1. I have been keeping my youngest sister, Maire, on the regular.  We play beauty shop, bank,
and swim alot!  This picture captures her personality perfectly!  

2. Babysitting for these two precious girls!  I have kept them twice in the past 5 days and they are so sweet  :)

3. Enjoying the first rainfalls of the summer!  But, since they were thunderstorms, of course we had to take safety precautions!  Maire made me light lots of candles, get her flashlight for her to hold, and she even put on her robe to protect herself from the thunder.  

The "it's thundering" pose

But, Ashton wasn't scared!

We may have gotten a little carried away at this point......

 4. Father's Day!  

Daddy, Papa, and Uncle David on Father's Day!

5. My parent's 25th wedding anniversary!

My parents and my Aunt and Uncle have the same anniversary weekend, so my grandmother had a cake made to celebrate both.  My Aunt and Uncle have now been married 7 years, and my parents 25!

 My grandmother got my parents 25 roses for their 25th!

the happy couple...we get really lucky if Daddy smile in a picture

they're too cute  :)

Well, I'm off to the beach again tomorrow with my best friend and roommate, Allison!  
Hopefully my next post will include a good recipe to share with you! 
Have a great rest of the week  :)

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