Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kickin' it in the Styx......literally

HI!  Well, I have successfully made it back from all of my travels last week and over the holiday weekend!  I hope that all of you had a great weekend and remembered all of the brave men and women that have fought and are fighting for our country.

Last Wednesday, my sisters (minus one) and I headed down to the Styx river campground with my grandparents.  We had an eventful three days full of basketball, volleyball, American Idol, thunderstorms, outlet malls, food, So You Think You Can Dance, ladderball, food, swimming, and card games.  It was a great trip to get away from town for a bit.  The weather was gorgeous minus a rainy Thursday.  My grandparents have been dying to take some of "the girls" to this campground and see the cabins that they have recently built there.  Well, they rented one for us while we were there, so when I use the word camping, I am actually referring to living in an air conditioned, hard wood floored, full kitchen equipped, adorable log cabin!  While each room may have been a bit on the small side, as you will soon see, it was so cute!

Our view for the 2 hour drive.  My grandparents' camper. 

Our view from the back porch of our cabin

Comfortable camping!

the kitchen that never got used  :(

the loft where the girls and I played board games


our spacious bedroom

When we got back on Friday, we had only 15 hours until departure for our next adventure!  Our family spent Saturday on Lake Martin with one of my Dad's co-workers and his family and friends.  We swam in the lake, went on a boat ride, and ate so much crawfish/shrimp/potatoes/corn and brownies that we practically rolled all the way back home!  It was a beautiful day to spend on the lake!  I don't think it would take me long to adapt to the lifestyle of a mansion on the lake.  Their home was absolutely gorgeous!  Oh and did I mention that they had over 200 guests for dinner that night?!!  I don't think I even know 200 people that I could invite to my home....haha.  Needless to say it was quite the block party as they even hired their own DJ.  My family was quite out of place (if you know us, then you know why), but we all had a really great time and enjoyed our day on the lake!    

View of their home from the their back yard.  So jealous!

Ashton after enjoying some crawfish!

You can't really see all of the people here but there are at least 100 behind those gorgeous cannas

Just the view we had while sitting in the back yard........

the dock.....and the cook!  lol

me!  after my crawfish  :)

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell. 
 Hope yours was as great as mine was!  

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