Friday, July 20, 2012

All right all you blog fans.  I am breaking the two month hiatus riiiighhhhttttttt NOW!

I have been a bit busier than I thought I would be this summer.  And my how the summer is flying on by.  My last real summer I'm afraid and it is almost gone.  Can you believe it is past mid-July?  That in merely one month the girls will be back in school.  That football season is so close I can practically hear the AU fight song right this second?  That, God-willing, I will be moving away from home for real.  No more tanning at the pool--back to 10 months of gorgeous paleness.  No more fun, random road trips.  No more babysitting precious children.  I can't believe it's all almost over.  And I can't help but think about how the rest of my summers will hardly be like the last 21.  Kinda scary/weird/exciting/overwhelming!

Well, enough with the sappyness.  Let me quickly catch you up on all of my important life events since I last wrote to you, oh ya know........63 days ago.

First.....Mother's Day!  One of the most important days of the year in my book  :)  How blessed am I to have such a wonderful mother!

And Grandmother!

 With her boys...and Jackson lol

And you can't have a holiday without cake, right?!  And at the Scott house, Cheesescake is always a 
good guess, as it is a family favorite.  Maire and I "souped" this one up a bit!  It was delicious!

Second......the birth of my baby cousin!  Jackson and Harrison are now both big brothers to sweet Madelyn Elizabeth.  She arrived on May 22 and is just precious.  We all think she favors we dark hair and dark skin girls rather then the fair skin carrot top boys.  Either way though, she is a beautiful blessing to the family!

The very next day, I had my first job interview.  The summer definitely started with a bang!

The first of the summer was also full of Maire's softball games.  Every Monday and Thursday.  She was on the Riptides team and had a blast!  Her games were really entertaining and I am embarrassed to say that I had a few of "those mom" moments.  You know, the mom who stand ups and yells and screams because her baby crossed home plate.  Or maybe because her baby didn't do something quite right.  Or maybe even someone else's baby didn't do something just right.  Yea, I might be guilty.  Oops!

Getting ready!

Waiting for that perfect pitch

Maire and bff Amelia.  Can't believe how big they are!

Well, softball soon ended and June began.  And that meant wedding festivities!

The girls had their dance recital the first weekend in June and the very next day I headed to Auburn for Brit's lingerie shower.  We had a grand ole time with food, friends, and some interesting, and some absolutely hysterical, gifts!

The food was soo good and arranged pefectly, thanks to MOH Haley!

 The cake!  Haley and her grandmother made talented they are!

 Little miss bride-to-be herself  :)

 The whole gang!  Lots of Auburn friends and even a few G-ville friends.  

Well, after the shower I had another job interview.  And then the next week another!  Let me tell you, interviewing better be a tax deductable expense.  Because it ain't cheap!  The third interview was in Beaufort, SC, so my mom went with me and then we drove on over to Charleston and had ourselves a little vacay!  I fell in love with the city!

Can you believe the view these homes have?!  Tough life, right.

 Mom and I went on a graveyard tour that night.  We learned a lot about the history of the city
 and heard some really cool stories from a local.  This is Philadelphia alley-a place of refuge from the Brits. 

 The large round grave in the back of this picture was the 
first in Charleston and is the oldest recorded tomb in the South.  

 Any guesses as to why the church is round??

So the devil couldn't hide in any corners!  Haha what clever ancestors we have!

 The next morning we made our way to the weekly farmers market.  Why anyone 
there would EVER use a grocery store for fresh produce is beyond me.    

Well, I think that almost sums up May and June.  I will try my best to uphold my blogger duty and not leave you hanging for another 60+ days.  I do have some recipes to share also so hopefully those will make an appearance before long.  

Wishes for a perfect weekend! 


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