Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Oh me oh my.  It is November 2nd.  That means Halloween has come and gone (see below) and it is now time for the absolute most wonderful time of the year!! 
This was the craftiest, most creative costume I have ever been a part of!  Can't decide if that is a good or pathetic thing...haha

Now, on to the important part of this post:  IT IS OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS SEASON and that means I am officially the happiest girl in the world!  This also means, as you might have noticed, a few temporary updates to the blog. I think it is only appropriate to have a Christmas themed blog to accompany my Chrsitmas themed posts in the upcoming couple of months! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year for a number of reasons, including:

giving presents
buddy the elf
my Savior
ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas
hot chocolate
"socks" ( for you Kat and Allison)
snow(or lack thereof)
the manger
gift lists
peanut butter balls
I could keep going, but for your sanity, and probably mine, I will end there.

My goal for the blog this Christmas season (and yes, this Thanksgiving season too-I just get too excited about Christmas to focus on Thanksgiving), is to update at least twice a week with a holiday recipe, and to also include a few things I am thankful for in each post.  I think this will challenge me to reflect upon my life and notice the blessings and gifts I have been so fortunate to receive.  Unfortunately, I rarely take the time to appreciate or even reflect on the blessings in my life.  I hope you will challenge yourself to appreciate the blessings in your life, and to maybe give a few recipes a try.

For tonight, I will leave you with some Christmas Spirit:          

Oay, this isn't Christmas, but Auburn game day is almost as exciting and is definitely good for the soul

Sparkle nails!  They are perfect for the holidays!

I have worn these socks alllll day long.  Even on my run, and to wal-mart and Momma G's (with shorts I might add!)
Have a blessed rest of the week!

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