Tuesday, May 1, 2012

study break

I come to you today hardly sane.  And I have only completed 1 of 5 finals.  Yikes!!

But holy crap, that means I have 4 tests left.  EVER. in my whole undergraduate career!  How is this even possible?  I do not know.

Well, since about Thursday night I have been plugging along with the books.  Trying to remain focused and interested.  But it is sooo hard when there are such great distractions!

Some distractions I have encountered during finals so far:  movies, thinking about SUMMER, food, baseball games, gardening/weed pulling, running, deciding how to tell my parents that I will be running a marathon in San Francisco later this year,  eating, wheel of fortune, giggling uncontrollably for 6 hours (you know who you are!), making smoothies, roommates, e-mailing, SUMMER, blogging, cleaning, thinking about how I should be job searching.

Yep, I guess that about covers 'em all.  You might have been intrigued when I mentioned weed pulling--come on I know you were  ;)  Well, here is a photo I snapped of the flower bed before my weed pulling.  Can you find the plants??

Yea me either.  I accidentally ripped off half of the hydrangea before I realized what I was doing haha oops?! Luckily, I have made some progress since this pic and hope to finicsh and have it looking pretty loved soon  :)

Also on a flower note, how pretty did my flowers from senior chapter get?

They definitely added alot of beauty to my room and the yellow daisy's are still hanging tough and looking gorgeous!

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