Thursday, March 28, 2013

A quick hello

Just popping in for a quick hello to let you know I haven't forgotten you guys  :)  I have some very special house guests until Saturday morning.  I couldn't be more thrilled for my mom, grandmother (Dodie), and sister (Maire) to be here for a few days!!

We have had a ball so far.  They rolled in at about 730 last night and we sat around eating popcorn and having girly chats until 11 or so.  I worked half a day today, so we headed to bed for a little rest.  I don't know if it was allergies/Icouldn'tbreathe that kept me awake almost all night, the excitement of having company, or the fact that my mom snores, my grandma has a c-pap, and my sister sleep talks.  But for whatever reason, I couldn't fall asleep until almost 1 am and I awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed at 430 promptly.  I am hoping for a solid nights sleep tonight to say the least.

With company comes alot of great food and meal planning!  I prepared alot of things ahead of time so we could spend less time worrying about what to eat, and more time enjoying one another's company while we cook and eat!  On the menu for these few days we have (but are certainly not limited to):

1.  Breakfast casserole
2.  Chicken Salad on fresh Publix rolls
3.  Turkey Burgers with asparagus on the side
4.  Homemade, lightened up carrot cake--for Easter ya know.  And it's Dodies favorite.  Gotta maintain my status as the fave grandchild ya know?!  Ha, totally kidding.  For real.

Be expecting posts and recipes for each of the items listed above at the beginning of next week.  I will be busy hanging out with these ladies and then heading home with them for Easter.

 Happy Holy Week and may we give the utmost praise and honor to our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The tomb was and still is empty, and for that we owe our existence to Him for all eternity.  God Bless and keep you and yours this Easter season.  May we daily remember the sacrifice that was made for us.

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