Monday, March 25, 2013

Grilled Peanut Butter

Howdy!! Today has been a coooooollldddd blustery day!  It has snowed all day long.  As a true south Alabama girl I am definitely not used to that-especially not in March-the week before Easter Sunday at that! While it did not snow yesterday, it was still pretty chilly when I got home from church and I was craving something warm in my belly.  But I was also craving peanut butter--imagine that?!

Earlier last week I was skyping with the fam and my sister, Theresa, told me about an awesome lunch she created with some ingredients at home. I was intrigued when she told me and decided that I would give it a go yesterday.

First things first, I put a nice smear of peanut butter on 1/2 of a whole wheat tortilla.

 I had a (not so) fresh banana that I needed to use up and this was a perfect place for it!  I sliced it up and added to the peanut butter and then sprinkled on a few frozen blueberries.

Props to those of you who were thinking I couldn't leave the other half of the wrap naked.  PB lovin' all around!

I folded the wrap in half and added a bit of butter to the outside to help the tortilla brown while I "grilled" it.

Be sure you stand over this little guy and give him lots of attention so he doesn't end up like mine.  I have Lifetime to thank for my scorched lunch!  I was sucked into some film I can't even remember now and next thing I know I see smoke a flyin'.  Thankfully, the burnt part flaked right off.  And the inside was a luscious and indulgent, rich and melty peanut butter layer of wonderfulness.  So all was still okay.  whewww

Slice 'er up and bite in!  You will want to try this one my dears  :)

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