Thursday, March 21, 2013

Banana Berry Smoothie

Good evening!

Gosh, I feel like every Thursday grows longer and longer.  10 hours is a lot of time to talk about prenatal vitamins and to try to get kids to hold still long enough to measure them and to talk about milk and juice and eggs and fruits and vegetables.  Whew, I am always exhausted on a Thursday.  Luckily, I am able to use Thursday as my rest day too so I just come home and become a recluse!

This morning started out with a delicious smoothie!  I added one whole banana and about 3/4 cup frozen berries to the food processor (obviously a blender is recommended here-but I don't have one-ha!)

Then, I added a heaping spoonful of yogurt for some extra staying power.  I bought this yogurt last week because the store was out of greek yogurt.  Honestly, I think it is terrible.  But, I don't want to be wasteful so adding to a smoothie is a great way to disguise the taste and texture of this yogurt.  Like I said last night, I'm kindof a greek yogurt snob these days.  

I blended that together for a few good pulses, then added almond milk until it reached my desired consistency.  It turned out to be a beautiful color as well.  What a nice way to start my morning!!

While I sipped on my smoothie, I prepared lunch for today.  I topped some hearts of romaine with turkey breast, pepper jack cheese, and cranberry and blueberry craisins--yummmmm!  I packed some low fat poppyseed dressing on the side.  I LOVE this salad!!  I ate an apple after I finished my salad at lunch time too!   About 4 o' clock I was ravenous and devoured a Blueberry Bliss LUNA Bar.  I love LUNA bars but have never had the blueberry before:  Divine for real.  Perfect snack to hold me until dinnertime too.

Once I got home, I immediately changed into my pajamas and cooked a large pan of corn and black bean enchiladas.  They turned out great--recipe to come tomorrow!

For dessert, I had a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter and a couple of bites of yogurt.  

I plan to watch Scandal in a bit before hitting the hay for the last work day this week-yahooo!!

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