Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring!!

Hey friends!  Hope you had a wondrous Wednesday  :)

I devoured another batch of Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Dough Overnight Oats this morning for breakfast.  It is so great to have breakfast practically ready in the mornings.  Especially these past few mornings when the snooze button has become a pretty good friend of mine!

For lunch I had some delicious chicken salad on croissants that the Yawn's gave me last night.  They invited me over for dinner last night and prepared pan-seared salmon, hashbrowns, and yummy salad!  After dinner we all gathered round and watched Hotel Transylvania.  I made it through the first hour (maybe) before I had to head home for bed. haha!

This afternoon I got home from work and quickly changed into some exercise clothes.  The high today was about 62 and they are predicting highs only in the 40s tomorrow--some high right?!  I wanted to get in a good walk today and soak up what little bit of the warmth we received on this first day of spring!  After my walk (about 2.7 miles)  I headed off to Pure Barre for a workout.  I am so addicted to Pure Barre!!

When I got home, I could not decided what I wanted for dinner.  I thought about cooking, but nothing sounded good.  I finally decided I was craving a souped up yogurt parfait.  I have eaten a lot of these suckers lately--so tasty!

I started with a couple of dollops of unflavored greek yogurt as my base-I love greek yogurt and can hardly eat regular yogurt now that I am used to the thicker consistency.  Much more filling too!

Then I added some golden flax seed.  I love the flax because it is a great source of fiber 
and adds a consistency and subtle sweetness that reminds me of graham cracker crumbs

Then I added a nice heaping handful of both cranberry craisins and blueberry craisins.
If you have not had the blueberry craisins let me just tell you:  you are missing out man.  
They are perfectly tangy and sweet.  
Simply irresistable.  

Then just give the whole thing a nice honey drizzle.  Since I use plain yogurt, it is 
reeaaalllly strong, so I have to add a little honey to cut the pungency. 
 I would rather add my own honey than choose an artifically flavored yogurt though.  
I love honey anyways,  On just about anything.  
Kinda want to have bees when I grow up.  I will be bff's with the queen.

And there you have it.  This first day of spring's dinner!  This always fills me up and seems to satisfy any kind of sweet craving I might be having as well.  Plus it is a great source of fiber  ;)

Earlier this week, I broke down and bought some new songs on iTunes.  It's been a while and there are a few songs I have been wanting in my library for a while now.  Here's what I am jamming to these days:  

While I'm Waiting   John Waller
Hear You Me       Jimmy Eat World
Runnin' Outta Moonlight Randy Houser
Slow Fade               Casting Crowns
All Over the Road     Easton Corbin
Radioactive               Imagine Dragons
Love Is Not a Fight Warren Barfield
Lead Me to the Cross  Hillsong United

Hope it is warm and sunny wherever you are during these first few days of spring-I envy you if it is!!

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