Tuesday, March 27, 2012

change of plans

Well, another day in the life of Renee has come and is about to have gone.  Because yes, I am about to go to bed. Don't judge.  I'm pooped.

The day started bright and early this morning about 5:00 a.m. when my alarm went off.  I was planning on getting a good bit of studying.reviewing done before my 8 o clock class.  But before I even realized it, literally, 5:00 a.m turned to 6:00 a.m.  Oops!

But don't worry, that doesn't mean I missed breakfast or anything!  This morning I had a banana and Chobani Greek yogurt.  It was raspberry flavor, and I am honestly still debating whether it is my favorite, or if blueberry still wins.  What do you think?

And of course, coffee with hazelnut creamer. MMMmmmm.

P.S.  sorry the pics are so blurry and dark.  That's because it was still DARK outside when I took them--it was that early!  

My Tuesday afternoons are usually pretty full becasue I have class until 1 and then I volunteer from 315-515 at the local Boys and GIrls Club, and then I have chapter at 630.  So, I usually run between my 1 and 3 o clock break, and then shower and eat lunch then too.  

So on these days, I like to eat a snack around 10 or 11 so I am not starved during my run, but I am also not bogged down from eating a meal right before it either.  That all being said, my snack today was a Cliff Bar.  Mint Chocolate flavor--another first.  I am being mighty adventurous this week as far as trying new flavors of things.  So far they have all been pretty good choices to! 

I love a Clif Bar.

So I got home from class, checked my e-mails, and realized I didn't have chapter tonight.  It was cancelled today.  So I could eat lunch at regular time afterall and then still be able to run after my community service project.  So of course, I did just that!  I fixed 1/4 a grapefruit and a spoonful of peanut butter topped with granola.  I also munched on some carrots and hummus while prepping all of this.

Now it's time for a confession.  This whole piece of grapefruit is now sitting downstairs in my garbage can.  I have never had grapefruit before and I wanted to try it.  I was really hoping I would like it, but I had a feeling I wouldn't.  Citrus fruits are probably some of my least favorite fruits.  Those and melons.  Needless to say, I could not force it down the hatch.  I am going to have to find a way to prepare the remaining 3/4 of the grapefruit because I certainly don't want to be wasteful!   Suggestions??

This afternoon, I spent a couple hours volunteering and then went for a run.  I opted for a shorter run today.  I ran just over 2 miles in about 25 minutes.  Then, I walked over to the softball field to enjoy my 2nd AU softball game of the season.  They played Alabamer and unfortunately, we lost.  But, it was a great time and my friends, Allison and Brittney ended up coming to keep me company.  It was a fun evening  :)

I didn't eat dinner before, and my tummy was sure letting me know it was empty!  When we got home, I fixed some slices of ham and enjoyed the leftover fruit salad I made for a meeting yesterday.  Just right for a late dinner!

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