Saturday, March 24, 2012

Racing again!

Well, I completed a 5K race this afternoon!  I believe this was my first race since my friend Margaret and I ran a 10K back in late January.  Needless to say, I was a bit rusty.  But, I have been running about 2-2.5 miles on a fairly regular basis since then so it wasn't embarassing or anything of that nature.  I finished in 32:06 which is a little over 10 minutes per mile.  I only walked up one hill for probably about 2 minutes or so.  The race was also at 5 pm so it was a bit warmer than what I am used to running in.  I ran with my good friend, Kathleen, and her friend Elizabeth.  I kept a steady (and obviously sllooowwww) jog pace the whole race and was able to maintain that speed, minus the one hill/water station break I took.  They ran really fast and would then walk for a while and run fast and catch up with me again.  We all finished together though, which was exciting!  It was the first 5K for both of them and they did great  :)

Here we are post race!  What a great way to spend an afternoon with friends  :)

This morning, I took part in a large community service event on Auburn's campus called Big Event.  I worked with a group and we helped paint wooden fences at a local farm from about 10-1230.  Before we started we were served a free Chik-fil-A chicken biscuit for breakfast, so of course I couldn't pass that up!  After we finished our work, our service group went to eat at Momma Goldberg's Deli.  I ordered a Momma's Love, which is a sandwich on white bread with turkey, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and italian dressing on top.  I ate half of it, and it was delish!!  

After the race, I came home and decided it was cleaning, laundrying, and grocery shopping time!  I have yet to grocery shop since I got back from spring break, so I was in dire need of some goods!  Here is the loot I accumulated at Publix!

I will post tomorrow about some of the meals I have planned for this week.  happy Saturday  :)

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