Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Well, I was planning on being up and at 'em early this morning.  But, with no time to sleep in yesterday morning, and quite a few late nights these past few days, I decided I would use today to sleep in.  Not waking up to the sound of an alarm is one of life's little pleasures that I love!

Once again, the weather here is absolutely, stunningly gorgeous!  It is a perfect 64 degrees.  I'm contemplating going to a park somewhere to study for the afternoon.  I just can't fathom sitting inside on a day like today.  Especially when it's the weekend!

Since I went grocery shopping yesterday, I could actually have a real breakfast this morning, instead of just a granola bar.  I had passionfruit Chobani Greek yogurt, half a banana, and coffee with hazelnut creamer ....mmmmmmmm.  It really hit the spot!

Yes, that would be my monstrous to do/study list under my breakfast.
 Keeping it next to me at all times is my way of trying to stay motivated haha
I'm off to church and then to study!  Blessings on this Sunday.

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