Thursday, April 5, 2012


So for those of you who don't know, you might think the title of this post refers to multiple gun shots. or terrible spelling.  or maybe even a cool noise you could make.  But for those of you who know, or just so happened to read the past few posts here, you know exactly what I am referring to.

Yes that is me. Yes that is Ree Drummond.  Yes I have an embarassingly large grin on my face.  Yes she is the Pioneer Woman.  Yes I got her to write "Go Pokes" in my cookbook.  Yes she is precious.  And yes, we are now bff's.  

My friend Kat and I drove two whole hours to Birmingham yesterday evening/afternoon to see with our very own eyes the Pioneer Woman herself.  When we arrived we received a number.......

Ree appeared at 6 pm sharp and started the evening with a precious powerpoint presentation of who she is and how she got started.  Then she started signing books.  We knew since we had a rather high number it would be a while before we got to see her.  So we watched her sign the first few books.  At this point I was still pretty intrigued as this was my first ever book signing.  So she signed.  and signed.  and got photographed. and we waited and waited.  and she signed and signed.  and more pictures were taken.  and then we shopped and shopped.  she signed.  we tried on diamonds.  she signed.  then we decided to spice things up a bit.  we walked across the street and drank delicious margaritas and ate a wonderful meal.  

I had the pomegranate margarita (excellent choice I might add) and Kat had the strawberry one.  We ate at a place right outside the BAM Ree was at.  It was called Cocina Superior and claimed to be "modern texmex". All of the food and beverages were delicious!

I ordered the fish tacos, made with tilapia.  mmmmm.  \

Keep in mind Ree is still signing at this point in the evening. 

After we were stuffed to the max, we headed back over to BAM.  they were only at umber.....take a guess.  Like 208.  Meaning we had a solid hour wait time STILL.  But, we hopped in line and waited along with the rest of the dedicated people willing to hang out in a bookstore until 11 pm for those 60 seconds of talk time.  

Did I mention we were at the rear of the line?  As in there were literally four (4) people in line after us.  I feel like that takes talent.  Only a special talent really gifted people like myself possess.  

And then finally it happened.  Right around 10:40ish.  We arrived at the front of the line.  Or I suppose you could look at it as everyone else had simply left the line.  haha.  Either way, we made it.  And each of us, Kat, Morgan, and I, got to have our books signed and got to chat with Ree for a few seconds.  We each got individual photo opps and then we even got a group shot. 

 It was glorious!  

We had to fill out a post it note and put on the inside flap of the book denoting what we wanted her to sign.  Being that she and I are both OSU fans, I thought it more than appropriate to of course have her personalize it to me, but to also add "Go Pokes!"  

We definitely bonded over the pokes.  It was great.

The drive home was miserable.  Mainly because I am like an old woman and require a 10 o" clock bedtime.  Driving from 11 to 1 is not in my repertoire.  

 But all in all, the trip was so worth it.  I got to spend time with a wonderful friend (Kat).  Catch up with a long lost friend (Morgan).  and meet a celebrity (Ree).  I think all of that definitely equals success. 

And hopefully more book signings are in my future.  It really was so fun!!     

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