Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wait it's what day?

Okay so now I definitely feel dumb for saying this week was gonna creep by.  I can NOT believe Wednesday only has an hour and 17 minutes left.  Sheesh.  I spent all day today on campus.  I had work, a test, an interview, lab, and then assisted with other interviews.  Needless to say I was pooped when I got home.  BUTTTT, a pile of homework awaited me.  buzz kill fo sho.

So I did make it on that run on Monday night, but haven't been since.  I walked last night so that counts as exercising/moving right?  k good.

Also, I can not believe it has been a whole week since I go to meet a pretty cool gal.  My how the time is really flying.

I don;t really have alot of meal pics. from this week so I'm gonna do a quick list of "things you probably don't know about me".  Because I have seen a few other bloggers doing it.  And it's kinda cool.  Maybe.

1. I really want to start training for a half marathon.  And eventually run a full marathon.  Need to get serious.

2.  My favorite dessert is pecan pie.  With anything red velvet landing a veryyyyy close second.

3. I graduate college in 3+ weeks.  Holy crap.

4. I recently won a contest.  I NEVER have this kind of luck.  Check it:  Tastes Better with Friends

5.  I have a baby sister.  Like, she's 7.   and I'm 21 1/2.

6.  I'm going to be a master gardener this summer.  Hopefully.  Say a prayer for me.

7.  This happened yesterday.......

(sorry they're sideways.  kind delirious right now...)

8. I am going to my first rowdeeyoe this weekend.  Yeehaw giddyup.

9.  I really need a tan.  Lookin' pasty over here.

10. I'm loving Bath and Body fragrances these days.  Particularly "spring" and "strawberry fields"

11.  I still haven't bought PB.  WHO AM I!

12.  A dog has been insistently barking outside for at least 4 days now.  I wanna take him a milk bone.  

And finally, I'll finish with dinner.  Salad greens topped with 1 scoop Israeli couscous, some crumbled bleu cheese, dried cranberries, and balsamic vinaigrette.  yummy and filling.  

Hope you had happy hump day.  You're almost to the weekend.  Keep pluggin' along.  It's all we can do.

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