Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quite a fright!

Today has flown by!  I don't know about you guys, but I was busy busy today.  And obviously yesterday because I neglected the blog.  My B.

Here's a quick recap of my Monday:

1. Ate Breakfast

2. Found out some terrible news.  But I'll survive  :)
3. Ate lunch.  Leftover Panera hit the spot fo sho.  With some multi grain scoops.

4. Walked downtown with Kat and browsed through all of Auburn's cute shops.  I'm so thankful for friends.  Especially ones that eat ice cream with me  :)

5. Went to Brittney's (the grown-up getting married friend) for dinner.  Kat made black bean burgers for us.  Recipe/photos coming soon!  Again, what would I do without my friends.  They're the best.  Especially ones that make heart shaped brownies.  

Q:  Are you noticing a trend?  
A:  They all give me food.

Q:   Are you jealous of my friends yet? 
A:  Thought so. 

Alright on to today, Tuesday!  Iwoke up and had a cup of coffee with Hazelnut cream for breakfast.  I had a test at 8am so I wasn't really in the breakfast mode.  I had class until 1 pm so I snacked on a Peanut Butter Clif Bar around noon because I was starved!  When I got home from class I ran/walked the 4.2 mile loop again.  It was a gorgeous day to be outside, but it is rather toasty at 1 pm.  I had a tough time running the whole time today and ended up walking more than I wanted to.  

When I got back from exercising, Kat gave me quite a fright!!  She told me that she had called BAM in B'ham and they had some news concerning our PW trip tomorrow.  First of all, since we pre-bought our books for tomorrow, we are required to show proof we bought them at BAM or else they will make us buy copies when we get there.  Well of course, we had misplaced a receipt.  Sooooo, a BAM trip was in high demand!  Luckily, the BAM staff were wonderfully helpful and got us a proof of purchase.  cha ching!

Well theeeeeen, we thought we were going to have to drive to B'ham tonight to get a "number"/card saying we could visit Ree tomorrow.  But, we called back and luckily we can just get them when we get there tomorrow.  So we will probably just be last in line to see Ree.  But you know what they say, you always save the best for last  ;)

Once all of that was under control again and I could breathe--haha--Kat and I went to the Boys and Girls Club for some good ol' community service time.  Then I threw together a delicious dinner of leftovers.

Salad greens with crumbled bleu cheese, and peach whiskey chicken.  I used the sauce from the chicken as "dressing".  This all equated to a delicious combination, I promise!

And of course I threw in a bowl of mashed potatoes!

After chapter, I stopped by the campus dining hall and stocked up on yogurt covered pretzels and sour watermelon gummies for dessert.  I was bad I know.  

Thanks for reading this far!
Catch ya laterrrrr

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