Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday funday

Well today has been a good relaxing Sunday.  I could definitely use about 4 more of them before this week gets started though.  I have so much to accomplish and so little time it feels like.  I am going to apologize now for if the blog takes a back burner.  I will return though, have faith in me!  But for right now, I am here.  So let's talk Rodeo!

Katie, Allison, and I cut off our shorts and shirts, added some hats, and got tatted up for a day full of nonsense.  I have never attended the Alpha Psi Rodeo before, but I wanted to go before I graduate.  This event is HUGE!  People come from all over the country--literally-for a day of partying in Auburn, AL.  We decided to taked the provided shuttle out to the rodeo rather than buy a parking pass and drive there.  There were some people on our bus who had driven in from Oklahoma.  That's over 13 hours for a party!  I'm tellin' you Aubs is a pretty fantastic place  :)  Oh and did I happen to mention who was headlining??

Yes, you are seeing this correctly.  That is Eric Church.  And he is beautiful.  And he serenaded me for 2 hours last night.  Yep, just me.  He wasn't paying attention to the other 15,000 people there.  Nope.  I tell you what though, the day I find myself a man who will sing country songs for me and wear Wranglers every day.  whoooo, I will be a happy woman.  Oh Eric Church. 

Here we are in our gear before heading out.  Yeehaww

This morning I woke up and showered and washed my whole bed.  Mattress pad, bedspread, all of it.  I was so covered in beer and mud last night, but much too exhausted to shower.  Soo, I figured sleeping in that state would motivate me/force me to wash my sheets today.  That is literally one of my least favorite things to do ever.  EVER!

I went to church and then came home and attempted to study, but ended up taking a brief nap.  This evening, some of the local Alumni for my sorority had the seniors over for dinner.  It was a lovely dinner!  They had set up in the backyard of one of the ladies' homes here in Auburn and had cute little iron tables and chairs situated around the pool.  There were precious flowers, blackberry pink lemonade, sweet tea, and plenty of Amsterdam turkey wraps and sweet potato chips for everyone.  Here is a pic of my pledge class plus the local alumni who hosted us.

  Tonight, I made some brownies for my sister.  She has her state tennis match tomorrow so I wanted to have a sweet surprise for her.  I will post the recipe later when I can post the finished product;  the goods are still cooling right now and awaiting their icing.  

Recipe coming soon.  Can you guess what these are?!?

I'm off to dream about a cowboy.

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